Day 112: A Nero on Mount Greylock

Day 112

Mark Noepel Shelter to Greylock Mountain

Miles Hiked: 3.3

AT Milage: 1588.1

Today I was planning on waking up to see the sunrise on top of Greylock mountain but when my alarm went off at 3:45 am to get ready to go hike, I just rolled over and fell back asleep. I woke up again at 7am shocked at how late I slept in. I got ready really slowly and left camp to hike three miles to Mount Greylock.

On my hike I just felt so fatigued. Every muscle in my legs was sore in places that haven’t been sore in a long time or maybe ever. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to move fast if I wanted to. I thought about all the other waves of fatigue that have hit me on this trail, and how each one hits a lot harder than the last. I’m glad that I have a few days to rest and hopefully get a new burst of energy to tackle the big mountains again. I think it’s crazy that I’ve hiked almost 1600 miles yet the hardest terrain is yet to come.

When I arrived on top of Greylock it was the most beautiful mountain I’ve been on and best view I’ve seen in a really long time. It seems like the last time I was on a mountain like Greylock was in the smokies. I explored the area and lounged around on the grass eating food and enjoying the view. At 9:30am the large war memorial tower on top of the summit opened so visitors could go inside and walk to the top. The war memorial was really pretty on the inside and from the top there were amazing views of the surrounding area. I could see mountains all the way in new Hampshire and Vermont.

I was so dissapointed that I missed both sunrise and sunset on the mountain, and I was feeling so fatigued from not taking a rest day, I decided to stay at the hiker bunkroom on top of the mountain. It was super nice and clean for a bunk room and I got a shower. The rest of the day I spent on top of the mountain reading a book, working on my blog, talking to some visitors, and resting in my bed. I ended up sharing the bunkroom with three other hikers including two NOBOs named Moxie and Noodle, and a Floper named M and Ms who had a really cute dog named Mia.

Around 7:30pm I went outside with everyone to go watch the sunset. It was totally worth staying to watch.

I’m so glad I took a day of rest on top of such a cool mountain.

Happy Trails!


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One thought on “Day 112: A Nero on Mount Greylock

  1. I’m so thankful you leave these wonderful pictures for us to enjoy, they are stunning. At my age this is the only way I will get to see such beauty up close is in pictures, thanks again!

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