Day 25: Cinco de Mayo in Grants, NM

Miles: 8.2

Total Milage: 409.8

Location: Grants, New Mexico

Today we had an easy road walk into to Grants. Grants will be the first town we have seen with multiple services and the first bed we have all slept in since Silver City. The sun was hitting the canyon walls in a very pretty way. When a car would drive by, it would make large clouds of dust that gave the road an apocalyptic look. Jenga was trying to get some cool photos of everyone hiking thru it. As we got closer to town and left the canyon, we walked thru a residential area with tons of dogs barking at us from behind fences. We met up with Rockslide when we hit the pavement and walked on an overpass to Mc Donald’s where we got in the car to go to our hotels. Rockslide will drop Jenga and I back off in that location when we begin hiking again after our zero day.

Rockslide and I dropped Jenga off at the Lava Flow hostel before we did some errands. I had to pick up packages at the post office and get supplies from Walmart. When we got to check into our hotel, the first thing I did was take a shower and do laundry. My shower was pretty long just because of how much dirt I had to scrub off of me. The town of Grants is on historic route 66. There are a lot of cool, retro looking buildings but most things are boarded up and it feels pretty sketchy. Everything is really spread out as well. Rockslide picked the perfect place to meet us, because his car really helped us get around town. I like to walk as little as possible on my days off of hiking.

Since it was Cinco De Mayo we all met up at the hotel for Taco Bell, Margaritas, and Coronas. We had a great time hanging out all night.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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