Day 24: Bonita Canyon

Miles: 19.8

Total Milage: 401.6

Location: Bonita Canyon

This morning I woke up to a frozen tent. I got up and did some more stretches before packing up my things. The ground was covered with a sparkling layer of frost. I hiked with 12 pack for the beginning of the day. After 0.4 miles we hit a dirt road. About 4 miles into the day I saw a person up ahead of me on the road. They started talking to Free Fall and I realized that is was my best friend Luke / “Rockslide”!! Rockslide was planning on hiking with us from Grants to Cuba but I was totally surprised to see him a day early. We all walked together to his car he parked at the beginning of the highway road walk where he surprised us yet again with breakfast trail magic! He had juices and ice coffee for us along with some pastries. I was laughing about how we got so much trail magic the past few days and we never expected to receive any, but especially in this particular section.

We hung out with Rockslide at his car for about an hour. During that time we made a decision to take a Ley Alternate route that would help us get to Grants a little earlier. We walked along the highway for a couple more miles before making a turn on to to a forest service road. Eventually we ended up walking along a dirt road in a beautiful Canyon. Rockslide ended up meeting up with us to camp. We found a spot near the side of the road for the night. The goal was to camp as close to town as we could so it would be a shorter day into Grants.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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