Day 30: 500 Miles!

Miles Hiked: 20.6

Total Milage: 503

Today Rockslide, Free Fall, and I all slept in. I was so sore and exhausted from yesterday. We took our time packing up, making hot coffee for breakfast, and hanging out. I took advantage of the time to do some much needed stretching before heading out to hike around 8:45 am. This is the latest I’ve started hiking other than when I leave a town late in the day.

All day we were hiking up and down rock formations. We would climb up small mesas and dip back into a valley. I have been so shocked at how pretty this stretch of the desert has been. It feels like the Grand Finale of this type of terrain. Soon we will be heading into the snowy mountains of Colorado. To be honest, I’m not ready 😂

As per usual water was very scarce today. Luckily the Green Party of ABQ helped us out once again by leaving a large cache of water next to the road. Water caches help out thru hikers so much more than you would think. Today I mostly hiked with Rockslide. I took so many breaks because my feet were killing me. I loved being able to climb up to a view and see the other people I’m hiking with on the trail in the distance.

If you haven’t noticed some of my blog posts have been a lot shorter than usual. I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to write about my day every night. Getting behind on blogging is such a pain in the butt too. I have a feeling it’s just because our days have been so long and I’ve been hiking with an awesome group of people that I like to hang out with in the evenings. I also get service way less often than when I blogged daily from the AT so it’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed with how much content I have to publish every time I get into town. Anyways, if you’re reading this I just wanted to say thank you! It’s not easy to keep up on this.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird

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3 thoughts on “Day 30: 500 Miles!

  1. I read every one! It must be hard to keep up w the posts, but I’m glad you do! Dead cow???? Didn’t it smell? 🤮 Miss you Desi! You are doing so awesome! Seems you’re in a good mental space too. Do you remember where/what you were doing at 500 on the AT? That would be interesting to compare. Love you so much! Glad Luke is there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I was crying everyday by mile 500 on the AT! I’m glad you read them ❤️ makes me feel better about writing every night! Love and miss you! The cow didn’t smell haha I have a video I’ll send you


  2. I can hear the song in my head when I read this title!🎶🎵🎶 Of course I love reading your blog! Now that school is out, I can catch up. I had to go back to the beginning to reread it all and refresh my memory. And when did you start drinking coffee?! Isn’t it great??!!!! Keep going girl! You are doing amazing!💪🏼 I am so proud of you!❤️


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