Day 172: Monson

Day 172

October 3rd

A Zero in Monson

Miles Hiked: Zero

AT Milage: 2077.5

Today is my last zero day in town. There is only 115 miles between myself and Katahdin. First I will have to go through the 100 mile wilderness, and then I will enter Baxter State Park where I will spend my last two days on the trail. Since I’ve barely had service throughout the whole state of Maine, I spent a significant amount of time catching up with friends and family. I gave my friend Flamingo a call who I hiked a significant portion of the trail with. He summited last week and I was really happy for him but also sad I couldn’t be there.

I spent the rest of the day being really lazy. Doc and I watched a Mountain documentary and I went to the local store for my last large resupply. I bought a ton of fresh food and snickers bars. Everyone at the hostel who was heading out into the 100 mile wilderness before me seemed to be really concerned about how much food they were bringing. I wondered if I was underestimating the section I was about to do because I didn’t feel as concerned as everyone else was acting. Monson seemed like just another resupply but I guess it will be 100 miles until I can get more food. My backup plan is always to hike faster if I run out. At this point I feel like anyone who has hiked 2000 miles is capable to push some big days when they get hungry. It wouldn’t be the first if I have to do it!

For dinner I went to the lakeshore house with Smilez and Doc. It was a fun night and I know that I will really miss hanging out with other hikers in small rural towns all over the east coast.

Happy Trails!


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