Day 168: The Bigelows

Day 168

September 29th

H.O.ME. to Little Bigelow Lean-to

Miles Hiked: 15.3

AT Milage: 2019.1

This morning I woke up well rested from getting great sleep in the bunk room. I ate an amazing breakfast of hard boiled eggs, toast, OJ, and a blueberry pastry before getting on the 7:30am shuttle back to the trail with Doc. We hiked separately for the first few miles uphill until we are lunch with a hiker named Smilez at the same overlook. I was struggling to hike fast. My legs were still very sore despite the rest. For food I packed out fresh apples, bananas, Hummus, and Pita bread which made me really happy. My next planned resupply is two days later so I allowed myself to pack bulky heavier foods.

Once we finished the biggest climb of the day, the remainder was traversing the peaks of the Bigelow’s before descending to the shelter. The Bigelow’s were beautiful and freezing cold. I wasn’t expecting to be on an exposed Ridgeline for so long but that’s what happened. Luckily the weather was great and the sky was clear. Otherwise it would have been terrifying to be up there. I still feel scarred from my experience on the saddle backs. From the tops of the peaks I could see miles of mountains and water in the distance. Apparently you could see Katahdin today but it was so distant and faint I couldn’t tell exactly which peak it was.

I was so happy to descend to the shelter. My legs were just aching so badly and I wanted to be done hiking. Doc and I made a fire to keep warm and another hiker named Godspeed showed up. He is 18 years old. We all hung out and just had a fun night on the trail. It was so cold I was excited to get in my sleeping bag. I think it dropped down into the 30s at night.

Happy Trails!


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