Day 150: Into Glencliff

Day 150

Hexacube Shelter to Gelncliff, NH

Miles Hiked: 14.6

AT Milage: 1793.1

This morning I slept in longer than I planned because it was raining outside. I knew I needed to get to the post office in town before they closed at 2pm but I didn’t bother to set an alarm assuming I would wake up in time. On trail, I don’t like to set an alarm because I think it’s best to let my body sleep as much as it needs to which surprisingly isn’t that much because I always end up waking up before 7 it seems. Anyways, I packed up my stuff very quickly and hit the wet trail. I was being very careful with my steps because everything was so slippery and I didn’t want to fall or do anything bad to my knees or ankles. After I hiked three miles I realized I was going way too slow to make it to town in time, then Luna caught up to me.

Luna and I continued to hike together on the slick, wet trail. She helped me pick up the pace but I still didn’t think I was fast enough. when I finally sat down to take a break it was around 11 am and Luna shouted at me from about 0.2 miles away that she just checked the map and that I could still make it to town in time if I wanted to. This made me motivated to keep going. Around 12, when the post office opened, I finally had cell service so I called to see if my package had even arrived before I tried super hard to get there in time. It didn’t. I was frustrated because that means I would have to wait in town another day, but on the other hand I could take my time getting to town. I ended up getting there at 2:30 which I was surprised about. I guess I really could have made it there in time if I tried. Either way I was glad to be done hiking for the day. I really wanted to keep going but I think a late package is a sign I needed a break. I walked into town and stayed at a hostel called “hikers welcome hostel” where I got a bunk bed in the bunk room and found that there were still a lot of other NOBOs on the trail. I had a good night hanging out with other hikers and staying dry and warm. We did a puzzle of the white mountain national Forrest/ NH which was funny because none of us really had any idea where things were geographically located.

Tomorrow I will get my package at 12pm when the post office opens and then hike up the first mountain in the white Mountains called mount Moosilauke. It’s going to be about a 3700 foot climb with treacherous descent. Someone told me it was going to be my first Alpine view on the whole trail (and in my whole life!) If I a lucky enough to not be stuck in a cloud.

Happy Trails!


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