Day 155: Ethan Pond

Day 155

Stealth Spot to Ethan Pond Shelter

Miles Hiked: 10.6

AT Milage: 43.7

After not getting any sleep at all last night, I packed up my tent in the dark and started hiking around 6:30am. My hike was incredibly easy today. All of it was downhill on super flat terrain. The air was foggy, cold, and windy this morning. I couldn’t see anything except the trees and trail infront of me. My rain suit kept me warm. I hiked past mount Guyot and Zealcliff before descending down to Zeland Falls Hut. I stopped in the hut to sign the log book. Yet again, no NOBOs had signed the book before me. It seems like no one is on trail. I really wish I had a hiking partner again, I’ve been missing Flamingo a lot. As of right now, he is 92 miles away from Katahdin. I’m so excited for him to summit! Other friends of mine or people I have talked about who have already summited include: Crunchy, Fancy Feast, Kentucky, Flip, and Noodle. I feel like I’m missing a few.

I was so tired today I decided to stop hiking really early at Ethan Pond shelter. I was hoping that some NOBOs I know would catch up and stay here too. When I got to the shelter there were two other hikers there named John and Danielle. They were a father daughter duo from Maine out to hike for a few days. I fell asleep for about two hours and I felt a little better. I’m hoping that I get a solid night of sleep. It’s been a really long time since I’ve slept through a night without waking up every other hour. I just relaxed at the shelter the rest of the day. Supposedly there is a moose that lives near the pond so I walked down to check for it a few times but never saw it. I ended the day by watching a few episodes of The Office on Netflix in my sleeping bag. I’m so happy I downloaded them to watch on trail. It’s just a nice luxury to have at the end of the day. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not so far from home.

Ethan Pond.

Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “Day 155: Ethan Pond

  1. Enjoying your blog Early Bird! The three of us talked about the possibility of seeing moose at Ethan Pond and the very next day Danielle and I saw a big bull and cow right near Thoreau Falls! Much luck on the trail – we’re cheering you on.

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