Day 121: Warren Lake

Miles Hiked 23.1

Total Milage: 2071.7

This morning it was very chilly when I woke up. Last night I slept amazing. I didn’t open my eyes until about 6am and it was still sort of dark then. The sun is definitely starting to rise later! 12 pack and I left camp just before 7am. We started the day with some rolling hills through a burnt forest. Luckily it wasn’t sunny so we stayed cool despite having no tree cover. I ended up hiking in my hoodie dress almost all day because it was so cold. I don’t think this has happened many times on the trail yet so far. 10 miles in to the day we found an awesome patch of giant huckleberries right before our break spot. I ate a couple handfuls. Exxon caught up to us right there so we all hung out a little bit before going up Pintler Pass together.

When I was going up Pintler Pass I ended up getting some pretty bad stomach cramps. At the bottom of the pass I was hurting so bad that I took another break. I realized I may not make it as far as we were hoping to go today. At that spot I got to switch over to our last map of the whole trail on Guthook. Crazy! I picked out a camp-spot 9 miles away that was promising great views. It will also set us up to hike 24 miles to a campground with a pit toilet tomorrow which is perfect! After that 12 Pack and I climbed up Rainbow pass. It ended up taking me and extra 20 minutes to get the the top. I sat down several times because I was in so much stomach pain. I really hope tomorrow is a lot better! I may consider seeing a doctor in Butte if things don’t get better by then but I have a feeling I’ll end up paying a lot of money for not much help at all. I just can’t wait to finish the trail so I can stop eating such a crappy diet and maybe figure out what’s going on at home with my doctor who I trust.

After rainbow pass I descended for almost 4-5 miles. I took a break at a super nice flowing creek before going up the last climb of the day. Once again the stomach pains became crippling and I had to stop several times. When I finally made it to camp it was 6:30pm. Honestly not bad timing at all for how much climbing we did today and how bad I was hurting. I was so happy to be done so I could just lay down and not get anxious about getting to camp. For dinner I made some mountain house chicken fajitas my mom sent me and 12 pack made us hot Apple Cider. They were great treats to have for a chilly evening! I was in my tent trying to fall asleep by 8pm. What a long time I’ll have to rest before tomorrow!

Happy Trails!

– Early Bird


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