Day 132: A Zero in Helena

Miles Hiked: 0

Total Milage: 2271.7

I planned on leaving town today but the weather looked bad so we decided to stay another day. Also Melon planned on hiking out with us tomorrow so that was another reason to stay. My body needed the extra rest day really bad. My back was hurting and I feel like I tweaked all my toe muscles when it was raining and I couldn’t feel my feet. I hung out in bed at the hotel for most of the day. When the gear shop downtown opened, I walked there to buy some much needed things. But first, I got an iced coffee and a cinnamon roll at a bakery. At the gear store, I got a new pair of gloves that I’m so excited to use. I haven’t had a nice pair to hike with this whole trail. Now that it’s getting cold I really need them. I also got a pair of nice base layer pants that are much warmed than my current paper thin leggings that I will be sending home along with my tank top. My stove has broken so I also replaced that as well. I plan on emailing the company that makes them about it when I get home. It’s a really nice stove that no longer does the job because it’s threads to screw it on have failed. The gear shop was extremely helpful when it came to finding everything I needed and they even gave me a 30% off discount on my stove that I was very happy about.

For lunch I treated myself to a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Today felt like it was all about eating. Later for dinner, Melon, 12 pack and I all went to get burritos and ice cream at the Big Dipper for the second time. Everyone was out and about downtown listening to live music. It was fun to watch and feel like a normal person for a day. I love how everything in town feels so special after a couple days out in the backcountry. I ended up staying up late and taking another bath.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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