Happy NOBO Season!

I started hiking Northbound on the Appalachian Trail today. It feels GREAT to be back. Plants are beginning to bloom and spring is in the air. I missed the rhododendron tunnel so much. My dad and I are doing an eight day section hike of Georgia. My two younger cousins are going to join us for two days for their first backpacking experience. I’m excited!

I’m using this hike as a warm up for the Pacific Crest Trail which I start in 11 days. Dad and I made it to Stover Creek Shelter by 3pm today. This is where we set up camp for the night despite it being so early. We had a big climb up Springer Mountain today and the infamous steps up Amicalola Falls. Dad pushed the pace for our 11 miles. Even though we both could have kept hiking, we decided to stop so we aren’t too exhausted for the next few days.

The trail feels very empty this year…so far. We hardly saw any thru hikers at all today and I was expecting a crowd. Maybe we just haven’t ran into them yet. I have decided that I am going to hike the entire Appalachian Trail for a second time now. Including the 400 miles I repeated this fall, I should have close to 500 or more done after dad and I finish this spring.

Just wanted to post a brief update. I don’t plan on blogging everyday while I’m on the Appalachian Trail this spring but expect a daily blog post once I start the PCT!

Spring Chickens going up to Springer Mountain! Amicalola Falls in the background.
The top of Amicalola Falls.
(They are below us I wanted to get a picture like the one dad and I have from 2019 when he came down to hike a little bit.)

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