Walnut Woods Metro Park 7/23/18

This morning I picked up Diana at 8:30 and we drove about 30 minutes to walnut woods metro park despite my many wrong turns. We parked at the buckeye area and started our day on the buckeye trail. Diana has never hiked before but she walks really far all the time so I was excited to take her to this park. 90% of the trail at this park was paved so it’s not what I was hoping for but it was still nice to spend time out in nature. We walked the perimeter of the park and 90% of all the trails.

View of Walnut Creek from the buckeye trail.

Bridge on the monarch trail over “Big Run”

“Big Run”… not very big

The tall pines area along the sweet gum trail was what I was looking forward to the most about this park. All of the trees are planted in a line and it looks like something from a fairy trail.

Some interesting and pretty trees leaning to make an arch.

These might be sweet gum trees?

We finished the day on the kestrel trail

A small pond along the kestrel trail.


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