Frances Slocum State Park (PA), Lake Shore Trail

Yesterday I drove to see my two childhood best friends Emily and Michaela at Emily’s college lake house on Harvey’s Lake. After checking out Misercordia University where Emily goes to school we decided to go on a small hike at a close by state park.

We went to Frances Slocum State Park and decided to hike the Lake Shore Trail since it was right were we parked. The park didn’t have any trail maps that we could find so we just went to the trail we first saw. We started at the parking lot on one side of the lake and hiked to the parking lot on the other side and back. At the other end of the trail was an environmental educational building with bathrooms but it was closed. I bet they had the trail maps we wanted inside.

As the name of the trail indicates it runs right along side the lake. Our hike was only two miles long. Some parts of the trail were overgrown with berry bushes but since it was black berry season and we got to eat some it was okay.

Another part of the trail was more shady and wooded with some pines. Here we saw some interesting rock formations and neat fungus. I took along an old camera my mom gave me but I gave up on using it. I can’t tell if the photo quality is great yet and I think I need to take some time to sit down alone and figure out the camera functions. At the moment I have no way to get the photos from an old flash card to my computer but I plan on buying an adapter after I figure out how to work the camera.

I was really happy with these neat fungus pictures I took with my phone. All of these pictures on my blog so far are taken with my phone. Michaela pointed out the reflection of the clouds on the lake and she was able to get a great picture of it (below).

Rock formation along side the trail.

Emily getting GPS signal on her running watch to track our mileage.

Michaela leading the way.


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