Ariel Foundation Park; Mount Vernon Ohio

Today Emma and I ran a 5 mile race at this park. The race was called Brokeman’s Classic and we only paid $12 to run! I’ve been following this running company for a while and looking at their races. They always have really cheap ones in comparison to everything else which is super nice, especially for a really broke college student.

The race venue/ Park was so nice. The park is the ruins of an old glass factory and has some super neat architecture structures preserved from the old factory. The park had a wooded section, a section with lakes, and a section with a neat grass terrace. I didn’t get many pictures since I was running the whole time but here is what I did get afterwards.

Observation tower. The picture of myself above is take near the top of the tower. It was very foggy today so I couldn’t see much at the top.

The spider webs we saw on the observation tower looked so cool in the morning dew.

This park was a very neat discovery. I’d recommend it to anyone driving through the area. It’s very big so if you’re a runner it’s a great place to run!


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