Backpacking Bucket List

This is my bucket list of some backpacking trails I would love to do. I’m slowly finding more and starting to compile a list of them along with links. If you have any suggestions especially of a good loop or shorter trail please leave a comment!


Buffalo River Trail


John Muir Trail – 210 Miles


The Knob-stone Trail


Archers Fork

Burr Oak

Caesar’s Creek

Lake Vesuvius

Shawnee State Forrest

Wildcat Hollow


Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

Mid-State Trail

Allegheny Naitonal Forrest

South Carolina

The Foothills Trail – 77 miles


The Lone Star Trail

Big Bend National Park- Outer Mountain Loop


Tripple Crown


Wonderland Trail- 93 miles

West Virginia 

Dolly Sods

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