Day 4: Walking Through the Clouds

March 14th

Bull Gap to Low Gap Shelter

Miles Hiked: 10.4

AT mileage: 42.8

Elevation chart from Guthook Guides.

I slept a whopping total of five minutes last night. The wind storm kept me up all night  and then it started raining around 5am. We woke up at 7am and were out of the tent by 7:30 getting our food and going to the bathroom. By 8:30 we hit the trail.

It was a rainy, foggy, windy day. The whole hike we couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of us. Clay took off ahead of us around mile 1 or 2 and we didn’t see him all day until we reached the shelter.

Caroline, Emma and I hiked together all day. We went pretty slow and tried to sing songs but no one could remember the lyrics to anything. At 11am we ran into people who were doing trail magic at Tensatee Gap. I had a doughnut and got a nice beanie with a white blaze on it. They also gave us these little hand towels to dry off. It was everything I needed at the time. We continued our hike 4 more miles to the shelter.

Dad took this picture of us with the people providing trail magic. One of their trail names was King Tut. I can’t remember the others. They told us they come out every Tuesday and Thursday for seven weeks. They really seemed to enjoy supporting the hikers.

Clay made it to the shelter about an hour before us. When we got there around 2 we were very thankful that we all got a dry spot to sleep in. We did camp chores and hung out with the others. The rain stopped until it got dark. I slept next to Otter and Sunshine who were from Texas. They stared a few days before us and were taking a zero at the shelter because Sunshine was exhibiting symptoms of hypothermia. They were a fun couple and I really hope they make it to the end.

The group staying in the shelter. From left to right: Sunshine, Otter, me, Emma, Clay, Caroline, and Preach.

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