Day 13: Good Company

Day 13

Wayah Shelter to Wesser Bald Shelter

Miles Hiked: 10.6

AT Milage: 131

Last night I slept very well despite the wind storm and being worried about my bear bag I hung directly over my tent. I figured I would just wake up if a bear came but I was still worried. Today I wasn’t the first one out of camp but I still left before the majority of people. The terrain was pretty easy today except between Rocky bald and Wesser bald.

I ate lunch on Rocky Bald with Cocoa and Locks. We talked to a day hiker who has done many sections of the AT. We also talked about why we decided to hike the trail now and the influence that the changing environment and world had on our decision. For me, I thought about how the opportunity to hike the whole AT may not be available in the future, not because of my life circumstances but because of the circumstances of the rest of the world. From my research I have learned about how much the trail has changed in the past 5 and 10 years. I’m really surprised a permit system has not been but in place like the PCT and CDT.

After we left Rocky Bald it was a steep downhill hike to Telico Gap and a steep uphill hike to Wesser Bald. At Telico Gap I ran into Tsuke and Woodstock. I was very surprised to see them there. I was under the impression they have been moving pretty slow previous to me meeting them. The fire tower at Wesser Bald had a wide open flat top to view the mountains from. I hung out up there for a short bit and made a phone call home.

Camp was only one mile north of Wesser Bald. I had a great time hanging out around the fire talking to Flamingo, Cocoa, Locks, and Kentucky. There was also and older man named Creature who was having a blast with us. He is ending his section hike tomorrow but he will probably get to see Flamingo and friends again sometime in Virginia. They exchanged contact information so they can meet up. Everyone had fun trying to give me a trail name but I rejected them all so far. I’m not sure if I’m being picky or not but I want something I really like if people will be calling me it all the way to Maine. For those of you who have been wondering why I have been referring to people with buzzard names it is because it is their trail name. On long distance hikes people often adopt a second name that is given to them by someone else. You are allowed to reject the name if you want. It is part of the spirit of the trail.


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