Day 57: I Need This

Day 57

A Zero in Daleville, VA

Miles Hiked: Zero

AT Milage: 729.7

Today I decided to take a zero because the last week has been my toughest week on the AT so far and my feet were just hurting so bad. I enjoyed lots of food including continental breakfast and dinner at Three Pigs BBQ. I updated my blog since I haven’t had service for a long time. It was so nice to just hang out with Flamingo, Cocoa, and Flip. I got in the pool for a tiny bit and enjoyed the sunshine outside. It stinks I took a Zero on such a nice day but I try to remind myself that I need to take breaks when I need them or I will get hurt and not make it! Flamingo actually has to take another zero tomorrow and start hiking a lot slower behind us for a while. He got shin splints which are very painful and important to let heal as soon as you get them. It’s difficult to deal with injuries when you have to keep walking everyday!

-Happy Trails!


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