Day 61: A Zero in Lexington

Day 61

A Zero day in Lexington, VA

Miles Hiked: Zero

Today I did more things than I’ve ever done on a Zero day. The breakfast at the hotel was great. I sorted out all of the food my parents brought me to take on the trail and figured out when my next resupply will be. We ran errands around town like doing laundry at the laundry mat, going to the outfitter, and Walmart. I picked up a new pillow to try out on trail since I have such a hard time sleeping. It’s kind of big, but seems so fluffy. I hope it’s worth the extra weight! At Walmart I got a golf ball to rub all over the bottoms of my feet. It felt really good but hurts at the same time. I am taking it on the trail as well. We were going to go see Pets 2 at the movie theater which I’ve been really excited about but the projector broke so the movie got cancelled! I was sad because I’ve been excited about it for a while. I usually hate watching movies so this is abnormal for me. At the hotel I decided to go swimming and just relax. We went to the local brewery (Devil’s Backbone) for dinner which was great. I got the best salad and meal I’ve had on the trail so far! I’m so thankful to spend this time with my family. I feel very spoiled that they came to visit and we did so much stuff together!

Happy Trails!


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