Day 83: Back to Business

Harpers Ferry, WV to Rocky Run Shelter

Miles Hiked: 15.4

AT Milage: 1040.9

Today I got back on the trail close to 10am. I said goodbye to my boyfriend who dropped me off at the ATC. It was really sad to see him drive away knowing I won’t see him again until I am finished hiking in October (most likely). Jeff, if you’re reading this thanks for everything you do for me, spending time with me this week, and taking me back to the trail! As I took my first steps on the trail, they felt a little different, like I had forgot how to hike over my eight zeros. One mile later I was feeling back to normal except for my heavy pack and sore feet. I stopped to pick some wild raspberries and see the view of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers intersecting at Jefferson Rock. The trail walked on a sidewalk through the historic town of Harper’s Ferry before crossing a bridge over the Potomac river and following the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal path. The canal path was very flat and there were lots of bikers enjoying the Sunday morning weather. As I was walking I accidentally dropped one of my trekking poles. When I picked it up by the handle I had dog poop all over my hand and trekking pole. I was pretty disgusted and annoyed that of all places my trekking pole could land, it was in a pile of dog poop an owner neglected to pick up. I dropped my pack and climbed down to the river to wash off my hand and trekking pole in the water before using a healthy dose of hand sanitizer on everything. What a way to be welcomed back to the trail. The river that I was walking beside was the same section that Jeff and I got to go tubing down yesterday, so that was interesting to me.When I left the canal path to enter an actual trail in the woods, I sat down to take a break. My feet weren’t bothering me that bad yet but I was hiking slower than I liked. I stretched and used my golf ball before continuing on. I took a second break about two miles later at the Ed Garvey shelter where I stopped for an even longer break. I stretched and used my golf ball again, but this time I also used the CBD lotion. My feet were begining to ache and the lotion/ foot massage I gave myself with it provided temporary releif for me to keep walking. The trail was amazingly flat all day which I was thankful for, but also upset I couldn’t crush miles on it like I wished. I made it to Gathland state park where I sat down to take another break, get water, and use the lotion. Here I ran into Flamingo again who I was so happy to see! He is one of my good trail friends that I haven’t seen since I zeroed with him in Daleville, VA. I hiked the last five miles to the shelter with him without taking a break. It was a good test for my feet but they were hurting really bad by the time I arrived. After I took of my shoes, stretched, and massaged them they began to feel better. It seems like five miles or two hours without stopping is my limit for hiking before I need to take a break and rest my feet right now. My left foot that I received a steroid shot in is significantly more sore than my right.We camped at Rocky Run Shelter where there were way more people than I expected. I used my new tent that I was gifted for graduation from my dad/parents and it was amazing. It feels like a fortified castle compared to the one person, poor water resistance one I was using before. It is so nice to have all this extra space to myself and be confident that I was still dry in the rain, eliminating the need to compete for shelter space or make a stop in town to dry out. Thank you guys so much! I took my Tumeric and Melatonin pills hoping for a good night of sleep to get an early start on the day tomorrow. Even tho I can feel how sore my foot is, I should be able to sleep without waking up from it tonight.

Happy Trails!


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