Day 97: Delaware Water Gap

Day 97

Kirkridge Shelter to Camp Road

Miles Hiked: 16.9

AT Milage: 1305.9

This morning I woke up in the shelter at 5:30 and got on trail at six am. The trail was much nicer today rock wise. Yes there were still lots of rocks but it was not as crazy as yesterday and there were a few small sections without them! I hiked through the town of Delaware Water Gap at 8:30am and crossed the Delaware River on a Bridge into New Jersey! I’m so excited that I left PA and its terrible rocks behind. I planed to hike 16 miles today to spend more time with Nate and Teresa and keep my average at 20 miles for today and yesterday combined. The heat was really bad again and I was glad I finished my hike at noon. I passed the 1300 mile marker and some cool ponds. When Nate and Teresa picked me up they had a bottle of Gatorade and bag of ice waiting for me. My feet were killing me today because I have developed blisters on my soles. I thought I was being a baby because they were hurting me so bad but I drained and took care of them later in the day and realized they were super deep. After I met up with Nate and Teresa again, we hung out at a river and I iced my legs. We all got in and floated down it like a lazy river and it was a ton of fun. We got a hotel for the night in Delaware Water Gap and hung out.ย  I still had to do all my usual town chores like laundry and cleaning out my pack. I got to use one of their laptops to catch up on my blogging which was super nice. It’s so much easier to type things out on a computer and my new phone has been giving me problems with its keyboard lately making it extra annoying to even text sometimes. I’m so grateful to see them and get some quality time in. I missed them so much!ย 

Happy Trails!


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