Day 46: Wyoming

Miles Hiked: 1.2

Total Milage: 668.7

Location: Mile 1254.2 (SOBO)

Today we (Itchy, 12 Pack, and myself) woke up at Revolts house. We enjoyed some morning coffee with him and Julie before hitting the road for a 9.5 hour drive. We were able to make the drive in 9.5 hours even with stopping to grab food, water, and gas. My last meal before getting back on trail was a nacho grande platter from taco bell. The drive was very scenic as we followed the mountains that the trail passes through most of the way. In the beginning we were literally driving on the alternative low route that some hikers choose to do when there is too much snow, instead of flipping. I am so glad we won’t be doing that much highway walking and instead I will get to see the San Juans in about a month when all the flowers are blooming!

Itchy dropped 12 pack and I off at the trail around 6:30pm. She was really sad to say goodbye! I hope to see her again when I get closer to where she lives in Colorado. 12 pack and I then hiked until we found a good spot to camp because the sun was going down. We ended up finding a great cluster of trees that blocked the wind.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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