Day 49: A and M Reservoir

Miles Hiked: 24.4

Total Milage: 750

Location: SOBO mile 1335.6

Today I woke up feeling slightly recovered from the long day yesterday. I think stretching and taking ibuprofen last night helped a lot. 12 pack and I started the day around 6:30am. First we descended off the high area we were camping in last night. The longer we hiked the sandier the ground became. Hiking in sand is very annoying and makes me more likely to get blisters which is is exactly what happened today.

We took breaks about every five miles because both of our feet were hurting so bad. Our water sources for the day were the creek we slept by to start off with, then a spring about 10 miles into the day, and lastly A&M reservoir. Between those locations was a bunch of very flat road walking however some of the roads were sand. The sand really irritates the skin on my feet and gives me blisters. When we got to A&M reservoir at mile 20 around 3pm I was pretty tired. There were a couple of families out camping and fishing. 12 pack and I met two other flip floppers from this year named Murphy and Woosh. They are hiking
northbound and doing Colorado last.

After the reservoir we hiked another 4 miles and found a place to set up camp. I ended up cowboy camping because there wasn’t anywhere I could squeeze my tent between the sage brush bushes. I had to try and conserve my phone battery all day so I couldn’t listen to any music. I don’t listen to music a lot but not having the option to is really frustrating. Anyways, today was completely exhausting but it ended with a great sunset!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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