Day 48: Wildlife Galore

Miles Hiked: 26.5

Total Milage: 725.6

Location: SOBO mile 311.2

So last night I realized that I forgot to charge my power banks while I was in the last town. I now have to be careful about conserving battery until we get to town because I really need my phone for maps and I really want it for my camera. I don’t listen to music a whole lot while hiking but it will be very frustrating to not have the option to.

Today is Free Falls birthday so 12 pack and I gave him a call. We found out that he is going to be flying to Lander and start hiking southbound where we did. He will be about a week behind us.

Both 12 pack and I’s feet were killing us today so we took lots of breaks. Unfortunately there was no shade to take these breaks in but I didn’t mind because the wind was nice enough to cool us off. One of our breaks we took at a water cache maintained by a person named “Hawkeye” . The water cache included some tootsie rolls and a log book which was very nice! I don’t see log books as often on the CDT, but when I do I absolutely love reading through them and leaving my own little note in the book. The AT had the log books at every shelter on the trail. The log book at the cache also included a little information about the history of the area. We found out that we were traveling along a section of the Oregon/California trail and the Seminoe cut off. We learned about a man who rode a horse across the plain 49 times during the 1860s, 70s, and 80s to deliver the mail. We related a lot to a long quote from him about traveling thousands of miles before cars were invented.

After our break at the water cache we started climbing to one of the highpoints in the basin. I was able to get a little bit or service here and make a call to my boyfriend. I miss him as always! Near the highpoint I saw a couple of wild horses roaming around, my first ones ever! They ran away from us as soon as I saw them. I tried to get a picture but they are very small in the distance.

My feet were throbbing all day and it was really hard to go the last couple of miles. Right before camp I saw a very large weasel crawl into it’s den near a spring. I didn’t realize they lived out here but it explains all the large holes I have seen in the ground. When I finally got to camp I wanted to lay down and not move. Luckily I saved on of my most favorite meals for dinner because I was absolutely starving. Mountain House biscuits and gravy hit the spot! Thanks mom! I made sure to stretch and brush my teeth really well before falling asleep hoping I would wake up with a lot more energy.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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