Day 62: Sheep Mountain and Poison Ridge

Miles Hiked: 18.2

Total Milage: 988.6

Location: Arapaho National Forest

This morning I slept in so much. I think I’m practically slept with one eye open last night because I was paranoid about the paw prints I saw. I’m glad that everyone else was very set on sleeping in too. I made some hot chocolate before packing up my things. We didn’t start hiking until after 8am. The first part of the day we continued to walk uphill on the dirt forest road. About 7 miles in we took a break at a very nice view. After that we started to post hole through snow and climb over lots of fallen down trees for about two miles. When I jumped off a log my phone fell out of my fanny pack and I didn’t notice until I was about 0.1 away so I turned back around to find it. Luckily it was sitting in a very obvious spot and I was able to grab it and catch back up to my friends. After descending in the snow, we climbed uphill again close to the top of a ridge. We took a lunch break at another amazing view and I made a snow cone.

The hiking after lunch was absolutely Epic. We were walking almost on the very tops of ridgelines and everywhere I looked I could see snowy mountains in the distance. Some parts of the trail were very steep but also short. I took lots of pictures and videos. When I finally caught back up to 12 pack he told me he saw a moose! The last mile to camp the three of us all walked together. There were tons of blown down trees to climb over which sucked a lot of course. We set up camp near the Troublesome pass trailhead. For dinner I made lasagna and I feel asleep relatively early after catching up on writing my blog.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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