Day 70: Frisco

Miles Hiked: 2.5

Total Milage: 1002.9

Location: Snowshoe Motel, Frisco Colorado

This morning I work up around 6am. I relaxed for a little bit until I was so bored I decided to pack up my things and hike the 2.5 miles to town. I’m glad that the buses run early in the morning and every 30 minutes so I didn’t have to worry about hitch hiking at all. The trail down to the road was super mellow and well groomed. 12 Pack and I took the 8:15 am bus in to Breckenridge. We met Free Fall who got off the bus going the opposite direction about the same time as us! I was so happy to see him again. I haven’t seen him since we left Chama New Mexico. We went to a coffee shop and I got a vegetarian burrito. Afterwards we walked around town to see what Breckenridge had to offer. Hummingbird met up with us as we were checking out all the stores. I went to another candy store and got some unique things. I also checked out the gear store called Mountain Outfitters. Free Fall, 12 Pack, and I all got lunch at a BBQ joint. I had a drink and a small serving of Mac and cheese. When our room was ready to check in to, we all took the bus to the next town over called Frisco. Breckenridge has been the most expensive town we have been to so far. We decided to get a room in the next town over because it was cheaper and we could take the bus there very easily.

When we checked in to the Snowshoe Motel, I got a shower and we all did laundry. I made some calls to friends while I had service and did a resupply at Walmart. After we all had our town chores done, we went to get dinner and enjoy ourselves. I got a nice big salad at a pub and then we went to several different bars. I had a blast! It was so fun to just relax and not worry about anything at all. We played pool at one arcade bar. I ended up drinking water for most of the night because I wanted to make sure I could get some good rest before leaving town early in the morning. To end the night I got some veggies and baba ganoush at the last bar I went to. Hummingbird and I went back to the room early while Free Fall and 12 Pack went to one more bar. I was so happy to lay down in a bed around 9pm and get some great sleep!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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