Day 128: A zero in Butte

Miles Hiked : 0

Total Milage: 2202.2

Today I took a zero. 12 pack had a box rerouted to Butte and had to wait until 5pm to pick it up so we ended up getting a room in town for the night. The room was actually provided by his friend Helena to us for trail magic! It was nice to be taken care of! Usually I wouldn’t take a zero to wait on anyone else but I decided to spend the extra day in town just because I could. I actually wanted to zero in Helena but Butte had just as much to offer. I left the campground around 10am so we could check into our hotel Early at 11am. Early check in is great. It was nice to not have to find a place to loiter or eat forever while I waited to get in. On the way to the hotel we went to Bob Wards ( a sporting goods store) where I got to exchange my holy Darn Tough socks for brand new ones for free!

Once we checked into the hotel I pretty much spent the rest of the day laying down and taking a bath. I had a ton of work to do on my blog once again which took up most of my time. We got dinner at a Chinese buffet with Melon. He was one hiker I met down in New Mexico that I was really excited to see again. I also couldn’t believe that Butte had not only one but two buffets! Definitely a good choice to take a zero here. I hardly saw the sun all day because the smoke was so thick once again. Probably the worst air quality I’ve seen maybe ever? I’m glad I didn’t have to do anything strenuous in it. Hoping the skies clear up when we leave tomorrow.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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