Day 108: Yellowstone National Park Day 3… Old Faithful Village

Miles Hiked: 26.5 Total Milage: 1805 This morning 12 pack and I left camp earlier than any other day in a while. We were on a mission to get to Old Faithful village and hang out there as long as we could. We had 26 miles to hike today and 10 of them were afterContinue reading “Day 108: Yellowstone National Park Day 3… Old Faithful Village”

Day 104: Entering the horse highway

Miles Hiked: 21.1 Total Milage: 1715.7 Today my family dropped 12 pack and I off on the trail around 7am. It was a cold morning. We started the hike by going uphill through a bunch of wet grass. My feet were immediately soaked and my pack get so heavy so I was moving slow. WeContinue reading “Day 104: Entering the horse highway”

Day 103: A Zero in the Tetons

Miles Hiked: 0 Total Milage: 1694.6 Today I took a zero to spend some time hanging out with my family. It was totally unplanned and unexpected but I’m so happy I did it! The first thing I did in the most was try to get ahold of Yellow Stone National Park to change our permits.Continue reading “Day 103: A Zero in the Tetons”

Day 101: Tapering in to Town

Miles Hiked: 21.5 Total Milage: 1680.1 I didn’t sleep at all last night. Even after hiking 30 miles I couldn’t bring myself to close my eyes and relax. I got out of my tent around 5:30am. We had a short day ahead of us but I still wanted to get a relatively early start justContinue reading “Day 101: Tapering in to Town”