Day 7: Mike’s Place

Miles Hiked: 24.5

Total Milage: 137

Campsite: Thule Spring

It was 6am when I finally walked out of camp after packing up all my things. I stopped to fill up all my water bottles at a creek three miles from camp because I wasn’t planning on getting any more water until Mike’s Place about 12 miles later. At mile five I took an hour break to do all my morning chores I didn’t want to do at camp. I stretched, cleaned the dirt off my feet, taped my toes, put on my calf compression sleeve and gaiters, ate breakfast, looked at the map for the day, and wrote my blog I didn’t write yesterday. It was hot today and my goal was to get to Mike’s place at mile 15 by noon. The trail curved through the mountainous desert landscape and I listened to a playlist from Spotify. When I got to Mike’s place I immediately laid out my mat and all my belongings for a long break in the shade.

Mike is a trail angel who has property with a water tank about 0.2 miles off the trail. There is a camper and a shack on the property where he lets hikers hang out when he is there. Mike didn’t make an appearance while I was there but I did get to meet and hang out with so many new hikers in his driveway. At one point I counted 25 people in one spot. All of us were taking our afternoon breaks there. The heat was hot and the next water source was 10 miles away. I decided to pack up for a 17 mile carry because I didn’t feel like going off trail for the next water source and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to camp tonight. My goal was to get as close to the road to town as I felt like it today. Before I left the break spot after two + hours, I made myself some mashed potatoes with cheese for dinner. Whenever water is sparse I always try and cook at a water source to avoid carrying the extra weight for cooking a meal. I usually end up eating some protein bars for dinner.

Around 2:30 I hiked on despite the heat. It was hot but I was restless and wanted to keep going. I climbed up near combs peak in the heat of the afternoon. Once I dropped down to the other side it was a bit shadier with a great view. I took so many breaks to end the day. I saw a campsite with a good sunrise and sunset view listed on the map so I planned to make it there. My phone battery ended up dying so I walked the last part of the day without knowing how much farther I had to go. I was too lazy to stop and charge my phone. I’d rather just get there. Pippin and Chewy stayed behind at Mike’s place. I really liked hiking with them but I also enjoy doing my own thing and meeting new people every single day. Tonight I camped with Renegade, Ghost, Brett, and Pitt Stop. Our campsite was beautiful. Renegade said “We are the luckiest people in the world tonight” and he was so right about that.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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