PCT Day 55: Sierra Day 14: Glen Aulin

Miles Hiked: 5.9

PCT Mileage: 948.3

This morning I woke up at 6am in the Yosemite Backpackers campsite. I got a great night of sleep last night and was feeling so much better than yesterday. I packed up my tent, said goodbye to Honeymoon and walked two miles back to the Yosemite Lodge to get picked up by the bus back to Tuolumne Meadows where I got off trail. I was planning on meeting up with Pop Rocks today at the general store. I was so excited to finally see him. The bus ended up being super late but I didn’t mind. Luckily I had nothing but time to kill. When it finally started moving, I got some great sleep on the two hour drive back to Tuolumne. The bus was expensive but I’m sure the gas mileage on it is terrible and I got to sleep the whole time instead of entertaining a random stranger for the next two hours. Usually I’m so exhausted socializing in a hitch can be exhausting. I arrived at the general store around noon and finally got to see my friend! I also got to meet Home Brew (his old roommate) and Tiger Lily (his girlfriend) in person for the first time. I also ran into Bitter Goat who was great to see again.

I hung out drinking and eating at the general store with Pop Rocks and the crew while our things charged up. I needed a rest day today so I’m glad we didn’t hike far afterwards. Only six miles to Glen Aulin Campsite. On the way we passed soda spring which was really cool. It was a natural spring that had carbonation in it. The water tasted delicious and had a lot of minerals in it. I was glad when we finally got to camp around 5pm. There was an awesome waterfall there were we sat and ate dinner in front of it. I camped with Pop Rocks, Tiger Lily, Troubadour, and Homebrew.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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