PCT Day 65: TRT Day 5: Tahoe City

Miles Hiked: 42.2

PCT Miles: 31

TRT Miles: 11.2

This morning I woke up at 4:45 am after a great night of sleep. I was on trail hiking by 5:15 after packing up all my things and taking the time to sit down and eat breakfast before leaving camp. The day started with a very gentle climb up to Dicks Pass. I passed lots of alpine lakes on my way and they were all very pretty. I took a decent break at the top of Dicks Pass to eat some morning snacks and look ahead at the map for the rest of the day.

The day was hot as I continued to hike but the miles flew by. I took breaks as needed and ate tons of food. I hardly saw many hikers on the trail today, right before I was about to take the junction to the Tahoe Rim Trail and leave the PCT, I ran into Pop Rocks who had a fifteen mile head start on me. I was glad to see hime for three miles because I was feeling lonely. When I got to the trail junction I was at 30 miles for the day but it was only 4pm. I was motivated enough to keep walking all the way to Tahoe City which made it a 42 mile day. The last ten miles were mostly downhill. My feet didn’t start hurting until Mile 35. The last five miles to Tahoe City were the hardest. I saw my first bear of the summer about three miles away from the city before I walked through Page Meadow. Once I got to Tahoe City it was 8pm and I went to the grocery store to buy a cinnamon roll, a protein shake, and a resupply that I had been thinking about all day. Afterwards I hiked one mile out of town in the dark and set up a cowboy camp around some Mules Ears Flowers. I fell asleep pretty quickly without any sleep aids. I wondered if 35 miles might be the perfect distance for me to hike enough to be tired.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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