Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site 8/3/18

I stopped at this NHS on my way home to Columbus coming from Dallas PA. My main motivation for stopping here was because I purchased a National Parks Passport that I can get stamped and I have yet to use it since the day I bought it. This post is more of a picture dump than anything. The place is maintained by the national parks system and is a historical landmark because it was a major transportation system that helped open the west more to trade access. It was a railroad that ran from Philadelphia PA to Pittsburg PA. The railroad had several hilly inclines over mountains that were ran by stationary engines in engine houses that helped pull the train cars up the hill. This historic site is a preservation/ recreation of the 6th incline and its engine house which was also the highest point on the rail trail.

Picture of the visitor center.

Topographical map of the railroad terrain.

Boardwalk to the incline, engine house, and lemon house.

A section of the incline restored. It doesn’t look like much of an incline until you walk up and down it. (I did a trail that ran parallel.)

These are all pictures of the engine house the train went in one side and out the other. Men operated the engine on the inside.

I walked a small trail to the Skew Arch bridge it crossed a highway which I didn’t enjoy at all but I guess this is the history of how our transportation systems keep building themselves around each other.

Skew Arch Bridge.

On top of the bridge, horses and buggy’s used to cross the bridge over the rail road, the current highway 22 was constructed around this to preserve the landmark.

It was the 6 to 10 trail I hiked, the numbers correspond to the numbered incline.

The lemon house was a tavern the Lemon’s built right next to the tracks and it had as many as 50 horses and buggies come to stay at a time.

Pictures of inside the lemon house.

Lastly my passport stamps!


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