Little Miami National Scenic River

This past weekend Jeff and I had plans to go see a sunflower field in Deerfield township Ohio. Because we were driving an hour and a half to the Cincinnati area we decided to do a kayaking trip while we were there. We made reservations the day of at Loveland Canoe and Kayak. We paid $30 each to go on the “Castle” trip. It’s called the castle trip because it passes by a historic castle in Loveland which you can also take a tour of. The kayak company shuttled us to the beginning and after that we were on our own and kayaked 5 miles back to the outfitter. It was a very laid back trip! We could barely see the castle from the river but that was okay! It would’ve been cool to tour it but we didn’t have time. Turns out the sunflower field was no longer there but the kayaking was worth it! There were a few very small rapids along the river that were fun as well.

Here are some pictures.


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