Winter Backpacking Tips

After researching the web I have complied a list of what I think are the most useful and practical winter backpacking tips I have found.

  1. Bring two sleeping pads – use the foam cell one closest to the ground and an inflatable one on top of it
  2. Have a designated set of dry clothes- wear these clothes while at camp and when you sleep, change out of them and out your wet ones back on to hike during the day
  3. Pack down the snow at the campsite- Otherwise a spot will melt under you when you sleep and then it will refreeze making you very uncomfortable
  4. Keep stuff warm over night- Don’t forget to make sure your water filter doesn’t freeze it will ruin it. Dry your wet clothes, gloves, and other wet items in the bottom of your sleeping bag. Make sure your boots don’t freeze by putting them in a grocery bag at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Make sure your water doesn’t freeze in the morning as well (can use a flavor powder to lower the freezing point of the water)
  5. 3 layer rule while hiking- Base layer= moisture wicking material such as synthetic or wool NOT cotton, Mid layer= down or fleece, Outer layer= waterproof
  6. Good circulation- Don’t wear too many pairs of socks while sleeping
  7. Have a heater- you can make one by warming up water in a water bottle or bringing hand warmers. Make sure you don’t keep the hand warmers directly on your skin or you can give yourself chemical burns.
  8. Cooking- If you use a gas stove keep the fuel canister warm in your jacket while preparing to cook dinner so that it will have adequate pressure to work with the stove. The cold will reduce the pressure of the gas inside the can, the warmth expands the gas and increases the pressure so you can cook.
  9. Sleeping bag- Increase the warmth of your sleeping bag by adding a liner

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