Day 46: Sunoco

Day 46

Stealth Spot to Stealth Spot

Miles Hiked: 19.4

AT Milage: 560.8

Last night it rained all night while we were sleeping. I barely slept 4 hours which is frustrating because it was my longest day yesterday. We got on the trail about 8AM. The first excitement of the day was an old one room school house used in the 1800s. There was trail magic inside out on by a local church in the form of snacks and first aid supplies. I drank a soda and ate some chocolate. After the school house we hiked through some tall grass fields and hit a road with a large Sunoco gas station where we got more food. I was very excited because I ate my very last scrap of food this morning. I resupplied in the form of mostly candy because that’s about all they had. I got some 700 calorie iced honey buns and a whole tub of icing. It was the first time I got decent cell service in three days so I gave my boyfriend a short call and texted my family who might be coming down to visit soon!

After the gas station we still had 16 more miles to go until camp. I hiked with Emma and Crunchy for a tiny bit until I fell behind. I caught up to them when they were filtering water and we sat down to take a break. After our break we still had nine more miles to go. We hiked it all together without sitting down. My feet were really hurting. It started to thunderstorm and downpour but this time it was also hailing. I was running across a field because I was scared of the lightning. Before we got to camp it stopped raining which was nice. We set up camp right next to the creek and enjoyed the night. It was 6 when we got to camp which is the earliest I have set up a tent in a long time. I was happy.

Happy Trails!


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