Day 47: Chestnut Knob

Day 47

Knot Maul Branch Campsite to Suiter Road/ Laurel Creek Campsite

Miles Hiked: 23.9

AT Milage: 584.8

Today I left camp before Emma and Crunchy around 8am. I started hiking commando in just my rain gear with no underwear or bra on because all my clothes were wet and stinky from the rain storm and I’m so sick of wearing clothes. I decided that if it was acceptable to hike naked I would. The longer I’m out on this trail the less I care about things and the more tedious simple tasks become. I did one 600 foot climb before I started the second 2,000 foot climb. I ended up stripping off my rain gear and putting on my underwear, shorts and bra. I was getting so hot in my rain outfit because it was acting like a sweat suit. I get better putting on my cold wet clothes after my body got warmed up. I talked to Flamingo a little bit before he cruised past me up to the top of Chestnut Knob. The 2,000 foot climb ended up not being as bad as it looked. The top of the mountain was lots of walking through fields. I met two NOBO hikers named Mrs. Frizzle and Chef near the top. When I got to the top I ate my food and hung out with everyone. Emma and Crunchy arrived about 30 minutes later. The sun was out and the view was really nice. It was an enjoyable time.

After an hour we all left and I hiked with Emma and Crunchy for a while. Soon we separated because I sat down to rest my feet, eat a snack, and go to the bathroom. I’m glad Emma and I are hiking with Crunchy because it helps to relieve some of the tension between us due to the stress of constantly being with each other. We probably would have split up or gotten into a giant fight by now if we had only been in the company of each other. Chef and Mrs. Frizzle caught up to me hiking so I talked to them for a little bit before I took off downhill to the shelter. I met Emma and Crunchy at the shelter (19 miles) where they were setting up camp. The plan for tomorrow is to hike 11 miles into town and then hitch a ride to the pizza buffet. We are all out of food and the resupply close to the trail will be closed since it’s a Sunday. I decided to hike on further to camp at a creek 4 miles north. Mrs. Frizzle and Chef were planning on camping there too. I just wanted to hike less miles tomorrow and not have to get up as early as Emma and Crunchy. They are planning on hiking super fast to get to the road by 10:30 AM which I know I won’t be able to do. It was nice to camp by myself tonight. I called my boyfriend, Jeff, as I hiked to camp which was really nice. I haven’t gotten to talk to him much at all due to no cell service. He is supposed to come to the trail on the 4th of July and spend two Zero days with me which I am really excited about. I can’t wait to see him and to take two solid days to rest my poor feet!


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