Climbing in Red River Gorge, KY March 2019

This weekend I got the chance to go Climbing in the Red with two of my best friends. I was happy we could all make it on one last climbing trip before Teresa and I graduate and I got to third wheel her and Nate one last time before they’re married! We climbed at Bruise Brothers in Muir Valley on Day 1 and then at the Gallery and Volunteer wall in the PMRP on Day 2. We camped at Miguel’s the traditional climbers campground. It has been almost two years since I’ve been to the Red and Miguel’s had a major facelift. They expanded their restaurant and remodeled the whole building. The weather was BEAUTIFUL the whole weekend. This was the most comfortable I’ve felt climbing outdoors which is a plus. Although I’ve been on several trips, outdoor climbing still gets me out of my comfort zone and that’s the reason I love it. Enjoy the pictures.

Typical butt shot climbing picture.

I just think my hand looks a little pumped in this picture and it makes me laugh.


Peep Nate belaying.
Teresa was on a ledge halfway up the wall taking this shot.
This picture was taken on Rat Stew 5.10a. My favorite route I climbed this weekend.

A fun silhouette of me taking a break because I’m weak. Previous to this trip I didn’t climb for almost two months.

Leading a 5.6. This was the only route I lead this weekend. I admit I am a chicken and hate the feeling of falling so much that I would rather not take the risk of leading. I hope I get used to it one day but I don’t think I am a strong enough climber to lead harder routes that I want to climb.

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