Day 103: Struggle Bus

Day 103: BearGraymoore Spiritual Center to Shenandoah CampsitesMiles Hiked: 17.7

AT Milage:1429.6

This morning I slept in until 6:30am which is kinda late for me. I didn’t wake up at all until my alarm went off. When it did I was super lazy about getting ready. I felt so sore and didn’t want to hike today. I didn’t leave camp until 8:30am. I talked to the other hikers there and took my time with every little task that had to be done. Once on the trail, I still felt really sluggish. I was moving so slow and couldn’t hike up the small steep climbs like I was the previous days. The place I camped was a half a mile off the trail and I remember thinking about taking a break before I even hit the trail.The first break I took was only three miles in. I made some lemondae and snacked on Doritos. I took another break in 5 more miles. By noon I had only hiked 8 miles which is really slow for me. I usually try and get all the miles I can done in the morning.I took another break at a state park I didn’t plan on going to. I enjoyed the company of the new hikers I was around so I joined them for lunch/ dinner at the concession stand. I bought a bag of ice, a hot dog, Gatorade and a popsicle. I iced my sore shins, ankles, and feet. I really wish I could find some freezing cold water that doesn’t look so gross but that has been hard to come by lately. I hung out at the park for a long time before I hiked the last two miles to camp over the top of Shenandoah mountain with a cool flag paired on it. At camp I quickly set up my tent, strecthed, took care of my feet, and called my boyfriend before getting in my tent to write my blog and fall asleep as fast as I could. The campsite is by some boarded up building in a filed with nicely cut grass by a care taker. They left water bottles for the hikers because the water source has been contaminated and can’t be used for drinking. I was thankfil it was there.Happy Trails!


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