Day 104: Dover Oak

Day 104Shenandoah Tenting Area to Wiley ShelterMiles Hiked: 26.4

AT Milage: 1456.0
This morning I woke up at 6:30 and left camp by 7:15. I slept really well again last night and felt much better today (not as sore). I think this 20 mpd average is wearing me out a lot and helps me sleep because of it. Today I spent completely alone again except for meeting a few new hikers I bumped into on the trail. The terrain was really hilly with lots of ups and downs but no significant views. I took a 10-20 minute break almost every three miles just to make sure my feet would be okay because I knew I was in for a long day.I neglected to take any pictures all day until my last ten miles. It just completely slipped my mind. On one of my short breaks I almost fell asleep from exhaustion. I went almost the whole day without taking pictures because it just slipped my mind. I was exhausted and didn’t see anything crazy interesting.I got to see a small lake called Nuclear Lake where I met someone who is hiking farther than me! He is hiking the American Discovery trail which goes from the East to the west coast. I think it is about 500 miles and some of it goes through southern Ohio.Towards the end of the day I was getting really tired, but making some phone calls to my relatives gave me a new burst of energy. The terrain flattened out a little bit and there was a bit of board walking. I didn’t get to camp until 8pm. The forrest was starting to get dark so I walked a little faster to get to camp before I had to get out my head light. I was totally exhausted when I arrived at camp.One of the last things I saw today was the Dover Oak which is estimated to be the largest tree on the AT. It is said to be 300 years old and have a diameter of 6 feet. If was so pretty and I wish I could have got a picture of myself infront of it for size.Happy Trails!


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