Day 147: The Blue Barn

Day 147

Miles Hiked: 20.0

AT Milage: 1740.3

This morning I woke up around 6am and got on trail around 7. I slept pretty well last night and was warm inside the cabin. I forgot to take pictures of the cabin before I left and was sad. I hiked 6 miles mostly downhill on gentle terrain with lots of pine needles to cushion my feet. At the road I went to a small farm stand 0.2 miles away and got a second breakfast of hard boiled eggs, yogurt, and a breakfast burrito. I also tried a maple soda before moving on two more miles before I had to sit down for another 10 minute break.

Today was a lot of slow hiking up steep hills through rural farmlands with many breaks. My feet were really hurting me and it seemed like I couldn’t go more than two miles without having to stop and take my shoes off. I was surprised to recieve a lot of unexpected trail magic today. It came in the form of brownies and soda left on the side of the trail/road in two different spots and a soda and place to sleep at the end of the day.

As I was walking through a small rural town, a resident waved to me from their porch and asked if I wanted a soda. This person was Linda, a well known trail angel according to the guide information from other hikers. Two other NOBO hikers named Ohaí and Sko were there two. We all hung out on the porch and she invited us to sleep in the upstairs of their barn where there was matresses and VHS tapes. Sko, Ohaí, and I all spent the night watching Jurrasic park and eating food we ordered from a nearby dominoes. While we were hanging out we heard tons of rustling noises in the barn. We found out they were large mice or rats because Sko and I both had one run right next to our beds before we fell asleep. They ran around all night while we were trying to sleep. It was a little concerning so we used the microwave as a bear box/ place to store our food out of harms way. It’s funny the things you just have to learn to let go when you’re trying to hike 2,000+ miles. Sometimes having a roof over your head is nice regardless of if there are giant mice running around while you are trying to sleep.

Happy Trails!


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