Day 146: The Lookout

Day 146

Route 4 to The Lookout

Miles Hiked: 17.3

AT Milage: 1720.3

This morning I woke up around 7am and took a shower before joining the rest of the hikers for breakfast at the Deli downstairs. There was yerba mate tea, granola, yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast and it was so good! I felt bad for not being able to finish all of it, but the portion sizes that were prepared for us were huge! After breakfast I called my mom to tell her happy birthday and packed my backpack to get back on the trail. Before catching the bus, I ran to Walmart to pick up a knee brace because my knee was still swollen and felt not so great.

Back on trail, I had a nice day of hiking but I was moving pretty slow because my knee and feet were hurting a bit. After I was warmed up halfway through my day I did start feeling better, but I can tell something isn’t quite right with my knee. There was a lot of uphill climbing today but I was happy because it feels better than hiking downhill when my knees are sore. I passed Kent Pond, the tallest waterfall in VT, a campground, and Maine Junction. Maine Junction is where the long trail and the AT split. The long trail continues to Canada and the AT continues to Maine. I’m glad I don’t have to question which direction people are hiking anymore!

When I finally got to the shelter it was around 6:30pm and there were two other people there, one SOBO and one NOBO. The shelter was a four sided cabin with a huge ladder up the side of it to the roof where there was a cool platform to look at the surrounding mountains. It was beautiful! I’m glad the cabin had four walls so it should be warm tonight.

Happy Trails!

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