Day 59: Rabbit Ears Pass

Miles Hiked: 16.6

Total Milage: 949.2

Location: Steamboat Springs

This morning I was so sore I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag. Eventually we all left camp around 7:30. I was expecting the snow to be a lot worse than it was but it ended up freezing overnight so we got to walk on top of it for a little bit before the sun melted it out. I followed 12 pack for pretty much the whole day because my phone is hardly working for my mapping application anymore. 12 pack is also really good at navigating when we have absolutely no signs. The snow became less and less as the day went on. We ended up hiking along a small ATV trail that made it easy to see where to go. Ocasionally there would be patches without snow and the trees were far enough apart that it was obvious where the snow is. Around noon we hiked by quite a few ponds and lakes and I started to see lots of moose poop. I was so happy when I could finally see the ground for long stretches but it was absolutely soaking wet and muddy. I didn’t mind as much because it was a change from all the post holing that was driving me mad.

Right before we got to the highway, we got to hike through Durmont Lake campground and it was absolutely beautiful. I think I may come back to car camp here one day! After that we walked through rabbits ears pass trail head and on to highway 40 that was very busy. After 10 minutes of trying to hitch a very nice used to be local who is also a hiker picked us up and drove us in to town. She was very helpful about explaining where everything in the town of steamboat is and told us we made a great choice to stay at Rabbits Ears hotel. She dropped us off at the post office.

I tried to pick up a box my friend Monica sent me but it wasn’t there so I checked into the hotel and texted her. She sent me the tracking number and it turns out it was there but they were too lazy about looking for it so I had to waste another half hour going back trying to pick it up! I was just really hungry and tired and wanted to get my town chores done quickly. Monica sent me a really nice package with some fancy dehydrated backpacker meal dinners, the best trail mix ever, sunscreen lip balm which is way better than my cheap kind, body armour, and some other snacks. I’m so excited to have these with me for the next stretch! Thank you Monica! I feel so spoiled.

After I got a shower, I went to Old Town Pub for dinner with Hummingbird and 12 Pack. I got a giant salad which was a great choice. When I got back to the room I just laid down and called my friend from college. I was so happy to just relax all alone while I wait for my boyfriend to get here later tonight. He will be visiting for a day tomorrow and I’m so excited! I miss him so much. Before he showed up, I ended up going to get a drink at the bar with Jenga and the others! Jenga ended up walking to Steamboat via a lower route with much less snow. I was happy to see him again!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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