Day 60: Steamboat Springs

Miles Hiked: 0

Total Milage: 949.2

Location: Rabbit Ears Hotel, Steamboat Springs

I hardly got any sleep at all last night. I woke up Incredibly hung over from two small margaritas. I think the fact that I was up all night crying and started my period definitely played in to how crappy I felt. Luke went to get the hotel breakfast with me and then went to pick some things up from the store while I took a shower. It was about 9am by the time I was feeling better again and Luke came back with an iced coffee, Gatorade, tampons, and sunscreen for me. When he saw hot burnt my nose was he was pretty concerned. The New sunscreen he got me is a lot higher in SPF and in a small bottle I can keep in my pocket. I can’t believe how bad I felt when I didn’t drink much at all.

We all went to the dispensary and I got some more edibles. Ive been using them to help with my sleeping issues and it has made such a big difference in how my body has recovered every night on this trail. I hardly ever slept at all on the Appalachian Trail and my body never had a chance to recover. I can tell that there is a such a big difference in how I feel when I wake up every morning just because I get amazing sleep. Next, Luke and I went to Verizon to see what I can do about getting a new phone and not spending a ton of money. He is going to try and get his old IPhone screen fixed and then give it to me to use. I’m not sure how long this will take but maybe I’ll have a new phone by the time I leave Colorado!

Luke and I spent the whole day hanging out together. For lunch we got some Thai food that I have been craving since I left Telluride. I needed a new pair of sunglasses really bad so we walked to all the stores downtown and I found my favorite brand at a sunglasses store. I got the same exact pair of Goodr glasses I used to have before I scratched then up too much by hiking last summer. I recently found out that Goodr will replace the lenses for free, so I won’t be throwing out this pair when they get too scratched to see through! I really like them because they are great quality for the price point. All of the shops in downtown Steamboat were so cool! My favorite one was a candy store where I got some necco wafers and some sour goo. They had every candy I could imagine! We went back to hang out in the room and walk around the Yampa river for a bit before going to get happy hour food at Mambo with 12 Pack, Hummingbird, Jenga, and his friend Meghan. They had half price pizza and I tried my first glass of Lambrusco ever for $5! It’s a sparkling red wine that I haven’t seen on a menu before. It was pretty good. After dinner, Luke and I went to the hot springs across the street from our hotel. We were there for almost two hours! It was so nice, they even had a water slide I really wanted to go on but it’s only open certain days of the week.

Happy Trails!

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