Day 67: Sketchiness

Miles Hiked: 19.2

Total Milage: 1073.4

Location: Near Highway 70

This morning we all woke up at Alicia’s house around 5:30am. I got some amazing sleep on a comfy floor mattress next to one of the dogs and I didn’t want to get up and leave. I’ve been so exhausted lately its been hard to get up everyday. It doesn’t matter how much I eat, sleep, or drink water. I still feel very weak and exhausted in the morning now. Alicia drove us back to the trail on her way to work. First we stopped at Safeway and I was able to get a protein drink for the road and some electrolytes. We got dropped off at the trail around 7:30am. It’s so nice to be able to spend time in town and still get back to the trail early in the morning! The first thing we did was climb back up to 12k feet at Stanley Mountain. On the way up we ran into our third NOBO hiker named “ResDog” we exchanged some beta about the upcoming trail and then continued on our ways.

After Stanley Mountain we descended again and contoured the edge of a bowl of Mountains before re ascending back to a ridge walk. The climb we had to do to get back up to the ridge walk was kind of scary. We had to go across a snowy section that was very steep. If we lost our footing or the snow gave way more than expected, we would slide straight down the mountain and probably be pretty injured. Luckily we all made it across the treacherous steps very smoothly. I was shaking because I was so nervous. On the ridgeline, we walked very exposed for quite a while. On my left was a giant snow cornice hanging over a drop off, and on my right the Mountain sloped drastically downward to a valley. Before descending we hit another 13er. I had to go around another snowy part on some lose rocks and I really did not like it. I got an awesome picture of me jumping on top of the 13er.

When I was descending back down into the next Mountain valley, I almost stepped on a bird. Turns out it was a ptarmagin that blended in perfectly with the snow and rocks. I tried to get a good picture but he hobbled away pretty fast. We set up camp next to a river near a meeting spot we planned on. Luckily it was far enough away from highway 70 that I couldn’t hear the traffic all night. Hummingbird showed up at camp right before I fell asleep. I made some cheesy potatoes for dinner and passed out.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird

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