Day 69: Hippo Trail

Miles Hiked: 11

Total Milage: 1100.4

Location: Hippo Trail Junction

** I wrote a post for day 68 but I have no idea what happened to it 😦 *** I’ll have to take time to re write it but for the sake of getting things published here is day 59!**

This morning I woke up at the Super 8 hotel after one of the best nights of sleep I had in a long time. I uploaded some stuff to social media and got rid of my trash before we packed up to leave the hotel. We went to a bagel shop and then to REI. We walked out of town on the most direct route to the red line that we could take. There will be a small gap in our footsteps from Mexico to Canada but at the end of the day, I’m still walking the same amount of miles I would have if I had taken an alternative route around Grays Peak. I’m glad I still got to bag Grays Peak! For this route, I had to create my own map using an application called CO Trex. We ended up walking most of the day on a paved bike path around the Dillon Reservoir and then on some really nice Mountain Biking trails called Soda Creek and Hippo Trail. There were a lot of people out riding bikes really fast by us. I was pretty jealous of all the bikers and how fast they can go. I think one day I’d like to ride a bike long distance.

Around the end of the day when we were approaching the junction with the Red Line, the sky started to get dark. The rain started to sprinkle and I heard some thunder. I started hiking as fast as I could just to get to camp and set up my tent. I made it without getting too wet. After a little bit the rain let up. The sky remained dark and cloudy and it rained on and off for the rest of the evening. I took advantage of the time I had at camp to write some more blog posts! It is way too easy to fall behind on writing unfortunately. Tomorrow we will hike two miles to a road, hitch in to Breckenridge and meet up with our friend Free Fall! I’m excited!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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