Day 110: West Yellowstone

Miles Hiked: 15

Total Milage: 1846.3

This morning I woke up to an easy day to get to town. Even though it was easy I still took my time because I was so sore. 2 miles in to the day I crossed the Montana border. I will be walking along the Montana Idaho border for quite a ways before I finally enter Montana for the final time. The terrain became really pretty and I could see mountains in the distance. I feel like Yellowstone was so flat and boxed in by trees that I haven’t had the wide open views the CDT normally has for quite a while. There was cell service almost The whole way in to town so I got to catch up on some things while I was hiking which is nice!

Right before we reached the road we ran into some ladies picking huckleberries. We told them about our trip and they showed us what the berries look like so now we can eat them when we find them! They look and taste very similar to blueberries but slightly sweeter and smaller. At the highway I got my picture taken the state border signs before sticking my thumb out to hitch hike. 5 minutes later some very nice people on vacation picked us up me drove us straight to mcDonalds. I got a 10 piece chicken nugget but oddly couldn’t finish it. I was full after 8 nuggets. My stomach ended up being upset the rest of the day from it. I feel like my stomach has been upset this whole trail. I’m not sure what’s going on besides McDonalds is definitely one thing that’s started to make me feel bad after eating it.

Afterwards we tried to check in to our cabin but there was a sign saying we couldn’t until 4pm which was frustrating. Luckily they let us leave our packs behind the main building while we ran around town to kill time. I found some awesome public WiFi and hung out on a bench for a while. I checked out the gift shops all around town too. It’s a very touristy place. Right before 4, it started to rain so we ran to the hotel to wait under the awning. In the process my backpack and clothes got soaked. When we finally got let in I took a shower but couldn’t wash my hair since there was no shampoo. A first. Also a package I mailed there was supposed to be at the hotel but apparently the post office doesn’t deliver to their address. I had a frustrating evening as I had to go to the post office to track down the box when I was specifically trying to avoid the situation. After that I resupplied and got some Steamed Chinese vegetables and a huckleberry milkshake for dinner. I got to talk to a couple people on the phot before falling asleep.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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