Day 111: Targhee Pass

Miles Hiked: 25.8

Total Milage: 1872.1

This morning I woke up at the hotel and every muscle in my upper body was absolutely killing me. My back hurt especially bad and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was dreading the hike out of town. I kind of wanted to stay another day but I didn’t want to spend more money on lodging and I didn’t want to fall behind on Milage. I felt bad because I know 12 pack was itching to get out of town but I felt like shit. I took my good old time packing up. It was 10am by the time I had my bag packed and left the hotel. We made a stop at the gas station so 12 pack could get a subway sandwich before leaving town. Next we hitched a ride on the highway back up to the pass where we stopped hiking yesterday. 12 pack and I took a break less than a mile in. I was secretly hoping there would be some way to go back to town because I was hurting so bad. Eventually we got up to hike and it was around 11am.

The day was hot already and I wasn’t ready to hike super far with such a late start. I found out that I would have cell service for a while so I took the opportunity to call some people I haven’t been able to talk to all summer. I’ve never been able to hike and stay on the phone at the same time for very long this whole trail. Today I was able to talk to my aunt for almost 2-3 hours while hiking! It really helped keep my mind off things while I was doing a big climb. Eventually my body started to feel a little better: I also got to talk to my dad and Revolt on the phone as well. Around 2pm I reached the top of my climb and realized I had already hiked so far!! It was a nice surprise and the rest of the day looked like easyish downhill and not very long or big climbs.

The sky did threaten to storm but it never happened and it was awesome. I made it to camp at mile 25.8 around 8pm. It was a really long day of hiking but I was impressed with myself. Somehow I went from feeling like absolute garbage to still getting my miles in for the day. I was totally exhausted at 8 but it was worth it. I had an awesome sunset view from camp.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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