Day 41: Kennedy Meadows

Miles Hiked: 26.2

PCT Mileage: 702.2

I opened my eyes at 6am today. That was a really late for me to wake up and get going. I was just exhausted from the day before. It was 26 miles to the road that leads to Kennedy Meadows and I was so excited to get there. Kennedy Meadows is a big milestone for PCT hikers. It signifies the end of the desert and the beginning of the Sierra Mountain Range. The first six miles of the day were all downhill. I hiked them as fast as I could trying to keep up with Lumber Jack. At the bottom of the mountain, we crossed a road where Someone had set up trail magic. It was pancakes and soda! The trail angels daughter hikes a section of the trail every year and he comes out for a month to do trail magic three times a week. I was thankful for the early morning pick me up! I sat around for a while with other hikers before continuing on up a hot exposed desert climb. The last one I’d do! Lumber Jack and I took a quick break together near the top of the climb. Next the trail descended downhill and I flew down it again even running some parts before I ran into Sunshine who I was so happy to see. We hiked the last mile to the water source together. There we ate lunch in the shade with Fry, Pip, and Lumber Jack as well.

It was only eight more mile to Kennedy Meadows from there and we were all itching to get there. On the way we passed the Kern River where we all stopped to get more water and even take a dip. I just soaked my feet. Kennedy Meadow itsself was pretty dry for a meadow but we also were in the middle of the desert to Sierra transition. In the middle of the meadow was the 700 mile mark and then it was two miles to the road where Pippin, Fry, and myself got picked up by Grumpy Bears retreat. The retreat is a restaurant that let’s hikers camp in the back for free. They also let hikers mail packages there, charge electronics, laundry, and shower all for free. The first thing we did after we set down our packs is stand in a long line to order food and drinks. It took forever just to order but I had a large beer, boneless chicken wings, and fries. I’m glad I had so much food because we also did two celebratory shots.

Soon after, we set up our tents and sleeping items before going back to the bar to hang out. It was a fun night and the whole place was packed with hikers. We hung out with Pinch, and Sunshine. Before we went to bed we all sat around camp hanging out in the light of pippins portable solar lantern which I absolutely love! It’s like a campfire. I went to bed feeling exhausted but happy to have made it to Kennedy Meadows.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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