PCT Day 44: Sierra Day 2: Chicken Spring Lake

Miles Hiked: 25.8

Total Mileage: 750.8

I didn’t sleep well last night so naturally I was second to last to leave camp. The first five miles were all downhill to a water source. I stopped halfway to do my stretching routine. The ground was sandy under my feet and I passed by tons of granite rocks and pine trees. Gomez meadow at the bottom of the valley was absolutely gorgeous. The water source was a trickling stream and I scooped water out of a pool. Here I made a fancy couscous meal for breakfast. Pretty much all of my food for this stretch is protein shakes and couscous with dehydrated veggies, oil, and spices.

The trail for the rest of the day was rolling hills of more granite and pine trees. I mostly hiked alone as I was far behind the group. There was a view of Owens Valley lake at one point that looked completely dried up far in the valley below. Fry told me that was normal. Today the plantar fascia on my left foot and my right ankle were bugging me quite a bit. I took the time to stretch them as needed. Otherwise I was feeling great.

I got to camp at Chicken Spring Lake around 7pm. The temperature dropped quickly and I was freezing as I cooked my dinner. I told myself I’d always try to make dinner before getting to camp now. The lake was really pretty. I set up my tent and got into my sleeping bag as quickly as I could. Nothing was particularly exciting about today but getting to the first alpine lake of the Sierra was really cool. We slept at 11k feet!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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