PCT Day 51: Sierra Day 10: Silver Pass and VVR

Miles Hiked: 30

Today I woke up at 4:45am. By 5:15 I was all packed up and hiking down the trail. The beginning of the day was super gentle downhill through a river canyon. The trail went over a couple bridges across raging rivers. I was so glad there were bridges here! As soon as the trail started to climb upwards, I stopped for a snack break and to filter some water. The trail passed by Muir Trail Ranch otherwise known as MTR to the thru hikers. It’s about a mile off trail and a lot of people send resupply boxes here. They were not open yet this year so I had my box sent to Vermilion Valley Resort aka VVR. VVR is more significant off trail mileage but it was my only option. If I were to hike this trail again I’d opt to skip Bishop and pick up a box at VVR or go into Bishop, skip VVR and then go into Mammoth.

After I passed by MTR, the trail got significantly steeper for the next two miles up to Senger Creek. Turns out these two miles were harder than going up Silver Pass just afterwards. At Senger Creek I stopped to make my last protein shake and eat my last two fruit bars. The only food I had left now was couscous and veggies. At least my pack was light now! Before Silver Pass I walked by a few lakes. At the top of Silver Pass I took another quick break and met a guy named Pepsi. It was 10:30am and I only had 17 miles left to VVR. So far I’d hiked 13 today. 30 miles is a big day for me to hike if I’m pushing into “town” but I still wanted to get to VVR early enough for dinner at 6pm and to pick up my package I had been thinking about for the last few days. Since I have to pay $30 to pack my box, I packed it full of snacks and drinks I was really excited for. I expect the store to be really expensive since it’s in the middle of no where and my box holding fee costs so much.

After Silver Pass, I went downhill for pretty much the rest of the day minus a short climb up to bear ridge. The trail followed along bear creek which was fast, full, and pretty. At the top of bear ridge I was really exhausted. I left the PCT to take the 7.5 mile side trail down to VVR. It was all downhill and my knees were aching but I just wanted to get there. Five miles in, the side trail turned into a dirt road that went around Lake Edison, the lake the resort is located on. Some hikers took a Ferry for $20 from the other side of the lake but I wanted to walk and for my footsteps to connect. The ferry costs $20 one way so I would have paid $40 to get to and from the trail.

When I got to VVR I was so glad. I hiked 30 miles by 4:30pm a new record for me! I felt so tired idk if I’ll ever do that again. I was immediately greeted by all the people working there which made me feel so much better about all the extra miles and money I was about to spend there. I got a free alcoholic drink which was really nice. I was instantly drunk since I hadn’t eaten anything since the top of Selden pass at mile 13 this morning and was totally exhausted. I paid $25 for wifi and picked up my package. I went to set up my tent in “mushroom city” where hikers are allowed to camp for free which was really nice to not pay for. I saw Vulture there who was happy to see me and met Eager Beaver and White Puma. Dinner was served around 6pm it was all you can eat pizza. I did nothing but eat as much snacks and pizza as I could all night. I was so hungry and glad for the food hot food plus a salad. The biker hunger finally kicked in on this stretch since I was pushing big days like I enjoy doing. Around 6:30 Fry showed up, also completely exhausted like myself since he left camp two hours after me. I was so happy to be at camp early for the day and hang out with all the new awesome hikers I hadn’t met yet. I was the first person in my tent for the night.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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